Rep. Haas Calls Out Sneaky Tactics in Senate Bill 2412

SPRINGFIELD – Following the passage of House Floor Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 2412 through the House, State Representative Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) released the following statement.

“I am deeply disappointed and concerned by the passage of Senate Bill 2412, as well the unnecessarily brisk process that brought it to the House floor,” said Rep. Haas. “This election omnibus bill, which is under the bill title of ‘DCFS-Child Welfare Goals’ has nothing to do with that title. The bill is an amendment that was filed in the morning, assigned to committee shortly after, and within a few short hours brought to the floor for a vote with content that is a last-ditch effort to affect the results of the 2024 election through sneaky and deceptive tactics.

“Senate Bill 2412 will completely upend the current legal processes for slating candidates and filling vacancies for the upcoming election. This last-minute legislation completely lacks transparency, reeks of self-serving political motivation, and completely disregards the desire of the electorate.

“I hope that my colleagues across the aisle will come to their senses about the dangerous legislation they have crafted to remain in power and refocus on the issues that matter to the people we all represent, such as addressing the cost of living and improving public safety.”

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