Rep. Haas Recognizes Polk-A-Dot Drive In for September Local Business Spotlight

KANKAKEE – For this month’s local business spotlight, State Representative Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) is recognizing Polk-A-Dot Drive In of Braidwood. Polk-A-Dot Drive In serves delicious drive-in food like hot dogs, milkshakes, and hamburgers and began operating in the 1950’s as a small bus parked in a lot.

“An iconic American establishment is a drive-in, and Polk-A-Dot Drive In in Braidwood is a classic and phenomenal institution to stop by for a bite of delicious American food,” said Rep. Haas. “With their delicious food is a heartwarming family tale that led to it calling Braidwood home and welcoming visitors from all over the world. Stop by Polk-A-Dot Drive In this fall after a football game, after school, or for a treat anytime!”

John Dixon, Cathy Dixon, Judy Chinski, and Dan Chinski own the restaurant. Judy’s husband, Dan Chinski, passed away five years ago. Judy and Dan Chinski owned the restaurant previously, then sold it and bought it again with John and Cathy Dixon 36 years ago. Brother and sister Judy and John were inspired to purchase the restaurant by their parents, who owned Dixon’s Tavern Restaurant in the 1950’s. About 25 years ago, the building expanded its seating to 90 seats.

A special feature of the restaurant are glass blocks that were originally in front of the Dixons’ parents’ restaurant in the 1950s. All their children have worked there and Judy and Dan’s youngest daughter is the current manager. They are known for their chili-cheese fries and 1950’s theme.

Polk-A-Dot Drive In is a stop along Route 66 on 222 N. Front Street in Braidwood. It is open seven days a week from 11 AM to 7 PM.