Assistant Leader Haas Reacts to Guilty Verdict in Mapes Trial

KANKAKEE – In response to the guilty verdict of former chief of staff to Michael Madigan, Tim Mapes, Assistant House Minority Leader Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) released the following statement:

“Another day, another conviction. If this isn’t a glaring sign that the culture of corruption that has plagued our state government must end, I don’t know what is. Although House Republicans are the minority in the House, we will always call out a problem when we see it. Why isn’t the revolving door halted? Why is self-interest placed above public service? Why are Republican bills to impose leadership term limits in the General Assembly, empower the Legislative Inspector General, and impose a 3-year lobbying ban for General Assembly members still stuck in Rules Committee?

“These principles are more important now than ever, and I certainly hope they are a top priority in the upcoming veto session in October.”