Rep. Haas on Fallen and Injured Bradley Police Officers

State Representative Jackie Haas (Kankakee) issued the following statements regarding the tragic shooting of two Bradley police officers late last night.

“Please keep the Bradley Police Department in your prayers today,” Haas said. “Early this morning we lost a dedicated and capable officer when they made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our community. We continue to pray for the second officer as they undergo surgery for their injuries. My thoughts are with the family, friends, and coworkers of both of these officers.”

“This kind of violence needs to be addressed. We have been raising concerns about the massive uptick in violence in the city of Chicago and we warned the Governor over and over again that the violence they see in Cook County would bleed into the rest of the state if it continued to go unaddressed. This is an example of what happens when we allow criminals leniency. It should not happen. We cannot continue to allow those who repeatedly violate the law to run the streets with no consequences. We cannot continue to tie the hands of our law enforcement officials and the court system.  My heart is heavy with the reality of the situation and I urge Governor Pritzker and his democratic colleagues to see crime in the state of Illinois for what it is.”

“To all of our Illinois police officers, thank you for your service. The 79th District stands with you and supports you.”

Jackie Haas represents the 79th District.