Haas bill to bring natural gas to Pembroke Township one step closer to reality

Haas bill to bring natural gas to Pembroke Township one step closer to reality

SPRINGFIELD, IL…Just after midnight, the Illinois House of Representatives concurred with the Senate amendment to House Bill 3404 and overwhelmingly approved the measure. This legislation paves the way for a pilot program for the distribution of grants for the construction of natural gas infrastructure in Pembroke Township, located within the 79th legislative district on the Illinois-Indiana border. Upon passage, State Rep. Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee), the chief sponsor of the bill, issued the following statement:

“I am thrilled to see this reach the finish line. My staff and I have worked really hard to get to this point, as have countless residents, community stakeholders, advocates, and elected officials on both sides of the aisle at local, state and federal levels of government.”

Haas added, “This is personal. Pembroke Township is only a few miles away from where I grew up and not far from where my husband and I live now. Pembroke is a rural community with many disparities—limited access to jobs, services, little to no economic development, and food deserts. Energy accessibility has the potential to change all that. This bill will offer residents safe, affordable and clean energy. It will also encourage economic development, attract new businesses and create jobs.

At the end of the day, this bill is about energy accessibility and equity. I look forward to bearing witness to the many opportunities that can finally be afforded to my constituents as soon as Gov. Pritzker signs this bill into law.”