House to Proceed with Remote Committee Hearings Beginning Today

Although lawmakers will not be traveling to Springfield for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illinois House will begin holding committee hearings remotely, effective today. I am sharing information on how you can make sure your voice is heard through the remote committee process. I encourage you to follow the instructions outlined below to express your support for or concerns about any proposed legislation that is important to you and your family.

To find the schedule of committees meeting each week, click here. Please note that this schedule is subject to changes and delays.

If you would like to watch or listen to any of these hearings, click here. Please note that this link is only active when a committee hearing is underway.

To submit testimony or a witness slip regarding a bill being heard in a House committee, please click here and follow the instructions outlined under the “Providing Testimony” section.

As the 102nd General Assembly gets underway, I am excited to share that I have secured positions on key committees that play a vital oversight role for health care, human services, and K-12 education. I will proudly serve on the following House committees for the next two years: Prescription Drug Affordability, Mental Health & Addiction, Immigration & Human Rights, Human Services, Health Care Availability & Accessibility, and the Appropriations Committees for Elementary & Secondary Education and Human Services.

As always, feel free to reach out to my district office by calling 815-523-7779 if you have any questions or concerns.