Rep. Haas Condemns Abuse at Shapiro Developmental Center

KANKAKEE – Following the indictments of four employees involved in the alleged battery of a patient at Shapiro Developmental Center in Kankakee, State Representative Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) released the following statement. 

“I am absolutely appalled by the recent indictments of several employees at Shapiro, and the continued reports of abuse of the developmentally disabled patients at other facilities across the state,” said Haas. “It makes me enraged to learn that four mental health technicians, who had a duty to care for and protect their patients, some of our most vulnerable citizens, were indicted for such a horrific attack. 

“It also disgusts me that we are in a situation that continues repeating itself. How many victims do we need to hear about before legislative action is taken by the Illinois General Assembly? I believe that one victim is too many, especially when these incidents can and should be prevented.”

Representative Haas is a co-sponsor of House Bills 1298, 2998, and 3545, all of which would increase protections for developmentally disabled patients and strengthen penalties against their abusers. None of the three bills were called for a committee hearing by the majority party, and therefore never received a vote on the House floor. 

“This abuse has to stop. As legislators, we have the power to pass legislation that can prevent more abuse before it happens. I call on my colleagues in the Illinois General Assembly to step up and support these bills before we hear about another shocking and heartbreaking story of abuse.” 

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