Rep. Haas Responds to State of the State Address

SPRINGFIELD- Following today’s State of the State Address, State Representative Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) released the following statement:

“This year’s budget address was disappointing as it is again far from balanced with a deficit of $775 million for FY25. Instead of proposing cuts to address this deficit, we are seeing increased spending for programs we simply cannot afford. 

“With record high inflation and taxes, Illinoisans cannot continue footing the bill for out-of-control spending. At a time when Illinois citizens are being forced to practice strict budgeting practices due to the current state of our economy, we should be doing the same. 

“Since I came into office, the budget process has been the same each year: Democrats shut out Republican voices while having their discussions behind closed doors. This year, we need a more ethical, transparent process that brings everyone to the table.” 

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