Your Go-To Guide for Farm-to-Table in Illinois

Looking for an authentic farm-to-table dining experience? Enjoy Illinois put together a curated list of the best experiences available. It’s time to dine in the Middle of Everything, surrounded by the fields and crops that define the menu.

Farm-To-Table Hotspots

Since Illinois is in the Middle of Everything, you’re often surrounded by farms and orchards. Many restaurants implement unique and of-the-moment finds into their delicious and specialty dishes that are equally good for the planet as well as the palate. Your taste buds will thank you for knowing thy farmer. 

Locavore Farm

Grant Park

Only 43 miles south of Chicago, this family-owned farmstead feels a world away. A four-hour Dine on the Land experience brings guests together at a 107-foot-long table in the garden. The evening is augmented with live music, dancing in the grass and roasted marshmallows. 

Firefly Grill


Named for the fireflies that cofounder Kristie Campbell once chased around the Effingham backyard of her grandparents, this restaurant stays true to its symbol. Firefly is a beacon of nourishment for customers, staff members, and the surrounding sustainable crops and farmlands that supply the kitchen.

Epiphany Farms


With 75 acres of farmland, orchards and vineyards, and with a team dedicated to regenerative farming techniques, it’s the crops grown here that sustain four restaurants (Epiphany Farms RestaurantAnju AboveBakery and Pickle, and Harmony) in nearby Bloomington. Visit one of those sustainable dining rooms or swing by the farm for an interactive tour and a family-style dinner.

Heritage Prairie Farm


The Farm’s Chef carefully prepares each dinner menu by selecting the very best fresh ingredients from their Certified Organic Farm. They serve monthly dinners family-style as you take in the beautiful surroundings – many of which created your farm-to-table dinner. Monthly dinners celebrate the seasonal themes happening on the farm – harvest moon, roots and honey. Pizza nights are especially popular.