Leader Haas Reacts to Conclusion of the “ComEd Four” Trial: “Get Serious About Ethics Reform”

SPRINGFIELD – Following the conclusion of the “ComEd Four” trial, House Assistant Minority Leader Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) released this statement:

“Today’s court actions indict the culture of corruption that was allowed to thrive under Speaker Madigan’s inner circle. Illinoisans should be furious, and nothing has changed in Springfield to prevent this kind of behavior. We owe our constituents and taxpayers changes that create real accountability for these reprehensible actions; not actions like the Democrats’ so-called ethics reform bill that was so fundamentally flawed, the Legislative Inspector General resigned in protest.

“Unfortunately, though House Republicans introduced dozens of ethics and corruption reform bills, none have been addressed by supermajority Democrats. Democrats need to finally get serious about ethics reform in Illinois and do what’s right for the people of Illinois.”