Rep. Haas Comments on the Passage of the Budget

Representative Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) issued the following statements following the passage of the budget. 

“An influx of federal relief dollars has allowed Democrats to paint a rosy picture of our state finances without actually making the structural reforms necessary to provide lasting, long-term relief to Illinois families. No structural changes have been made. No permanent property tax relief has been extended. No regulatory relief has been implemented. Eventually, the pressures of inflation will catch up to the expense side of the ledger. Our constituents, our taxpayers are on to these budget games. Democrats will feel the full measure of the frustration of the taxpayers of this state because of this irresponsible budget and because of the dismissive attitude Democrats have displayed on crime, corruption, and the out-of-control cost of living driven by reckless, corrupt, and irresponsible policies.”