Haas bill to bring natural gas service to Pembroke Township overwhelmingly approved by House lawmakers

SPRINGFIELD, IL…State Rep. Jackie Haas (R-Kankakee) worked diligently in bipartisan fashion to pass legislation out of the Illinois House to address energy accessibility concerns of Pembroke Township residents. Upon passage of House Bill 3404 yesterday afternoon, Rep. Haas released the following statement:

“This legislation makes a decades-old dream of extending natural gas service to Pembroke Township a reality. Our neighbors currently lack utilities and services that so many of us take for granted. Today, we made significant headway in finally changing that. Extending natural gas service will not only offer residents safe, affordable and clean energy, but it will also encourage economic development, attract new businesses and create jobs. Environmentally, the shift to a less carbon-intensive fuel will considerably reduce harmful emissions. This is a win-win-win.” 

State Sen. Patrick Joyce (D-Park Forest) will carry HB3404 for consideration before the upper chamber. “No natural gas pipeline serves Pembroke Township, which forces 2,100 residents to rely on propane, wood-burning stoves and electric space heaters. Not only would this pipeline make residents’ lives easier, but the installation would also help bring new jobs to Pembroke. This effort dates back a couple of decades, and I’m thrilled to be the sponsor of this transformative legislation in the Senate,” said Sen. Joyce. 

Rep. Haas added, “I am truly humbled to have received the support of so many of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, from across the state. I am grateful to Sen. Joyce for carrying this bill in the Senate and eager to ensure it crosses the finish line for our constituents.”

Rep. Haas delivers closing remarks, urging lawmakers to vote in favor of House Bill 3404.